A Journey's Illusion - by Zane Koria

Searching for an everlasting answer to quench my mental thirst, 

The destination appears like that of a distant mirage in a foreign sea. 
Perhaps I drink from the fountain of knowledge that is cursed, 
Releasing toxic vapours of self-doubt causing me to be no longer free. 
The miasma of seemingly perpetual sorrow leads to an earthly impasse, 
Constrained by the vices and inhibitions of the physical plane. 
In the shadow of the conventional expectations I could never surpass. 
My inner turmoil between the different worlds I could never feign. 
This path has led to the consistent cycle of self-immolation. 

The wistful wishes of another life intoxicated with false illusions. 

The wildfires causing a rebirth from which there is no salvation, 
Perhaps one day I will break the cycle and find my own story’s conclusion 

- Zane Koria


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