Broken But Not Dead - by Serena Laidley

I have lived in unhealthy relationships with men
For nearly seven years I was in an abusive relationship 
With a man that told me he ‘Loved me’
That moment, I said no’
You ignored me
Put your hand under my shirt 
And pulled me
I looked into your eyes and said ‘no’
I pushed you away
But you grabbed me 
Slapped me across the face and inserted yourself into me
As I turned my head to the left 
To see our son crying in the play pen
Whilst I was playing pretend
‘Don’t worry baby 
Daddy is just playing’
Praying to the Holy Angels to look after our son
To watch over him as he grows up
To protect him from the evil ones,
Including you.
Once you finished 
You got up and left 
Leaving me broken and exposed
But with time
You will no longer have me
I am no longer yours 
My mind, 
My body,
Or my thoughts
In time
I will no longer punish myself for the guilt
For the wrong choices that I made
But I will celebrate for the life that I have
And continue on the path to self love.
- Serena Laidley

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