I'm Taking This - by Africa Brooke

I took it because I felt you all owed me something
I took it because literature made you look better
I took it to pass the time on my long journey home

I took it because the inked pages gave me more pleasure than you could
I took it because you inevitably left me unsatisfied
I took it as a souvenir, my 'I was here'
I took it in the hope that it was your favourite one

I did it once, then it happened again
A one-off that became a ritual of sorts
At times, the sex was just so I could get to that part
Sometimes I would ask, but I got more of a thrill without your permission

I took them to convince myself I was only bedding intellectual men
I took them so I could look at you all lined up against my window
I took them so I could figure out what kind of men you were

I took them to get a piece of myself back from you
I took them to feel as though I was back in control
I took them because it helped me to remember your name

Best book - Tim - Hackney - Disgrace by J. M. Coetzee
Worst book - Jay - Greenford - Wolf of Wall Street by Jordan Belfort

- Africa Brooke  

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