Saved myself before you - by Anonymous

One thing I've learned from having multiple partners it's vital to stay safe and protect yourself! No matter how much they plead and beg not to use a condom, always go against it. I had to learn this the hard way. I used to be too stubborn or and lazy to go and check myself. I rarely had any symptoms, but when I did I was in denial "ah it's nothing it'll go away soon". I've had to learn the hard way..a few times.

It changed how I think about sex. I used to assume that if he didn't bring up an STI, then he was clear from every STI. I believed there was such a thing as being too good looking to have chlamydia or warts. As I sit here and write this, I'm tearing up a little bit because to think that one of the STI's I contracted could have gotten worse over time had I not gone to check it in its early stage. This prospect scares the shit out of me and keeps me prioritising safe sex in every sexual interaction.

On the 3rd of September 2016, 'No glove, no love' became my mantra for life. Since then I have had sex with 2 guys. Those 2 guys are the only two from the 20 men I had been in contact/hooking up with who had agreed to use a condom during intercourse with me. Just the two.

I get tested every few months, just to be sure and safe. I always use condoms, and I always ask the guy I'm sleeping with, "When was the last time you got tested?". Yes, It's awkward, but having sex with somebody is always kind of awkward at first. You have to make it as safe as you can for yourself. And anyone who denies the use of a condom or squirms at the suggestion of written proof from their doctor - can fuck off.

No glove, no love. Safe sex will always be the best sex! 


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