This is a safe, open, judgement free space where we invite you to be your rawest self. This is a platform we share equally with you all. If you would like to be a contributor please send an email to
 Please read the following guidelines before submitting your work.
Submission Guidelines
- Think piece: send your pitch to us (200 - 250 words) outlining your idea.
- All art and poetry welcome! (no word count for poetry - just send in)
- First time writers, your voice is important too!
- We want to hear your story and passion through your own voice, vividly, accurately and truthfully.
- If you have written a think/opinion piece, please make sure it's from first hand experience.
- If you will be quoting or referencing, please include the source or links and ensure it is relevant to your piece.
- We are particularly interested in your experiences with sexuality, gender, race, religion, spirituality, and anything that intersects - but if you feel you have something not mentioned above that needs to be heard, please don't hold back.
- Make sure your article has a beginning, middle and end.
- For articles 600-800 words is ideal (but less is great if you still manage to convey the message)
- The Cherry Revolution will not tolerate any racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, ageist, discriminatory, judgemental, or patronising writing.
- This includes any generalisations that could be seen as offensive (especially towards marginalised groups).
- Once we receive your email, we will respond as soon as possible with a deadline date and a final word count (if necessary).
- For poetry and art, it will be a quicker process to confirm your feature. 
- Once approved, we will ask you to send us your bio and a high resolution image of yourself (unless anonymous of course).
- Please make sure the images you send over are copyright free. Images of yourself will be used to promote your work on our socials, we will use art imagery to accompany your piece on this website. 
- Remember, this is YOUR space too, you can write about anything you want to as long as it meets these specifications.
- This space is created for all genders and identities!

 We are so excited to have different view points and varied forms of expression. If you would like to remain anonymous, we will honour that entirely!

We look forward to receiving your submission.